The Best Garage Stuff for Guys – Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

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When it comes to some “me time”, every man needs his cave. A guy needs some space that is only his – it could be for watching a game in peace, or having a beer night with his friends. This is when you need the ultimate man cave accessories!

A man cave should reflect a your taste and interests. This makes selecting things for your man cave very personal, with a lot of options. There are a few things that you can include in your man cave which we consider essential… well, if you want the “ultimate” man cave that is! Want to know what they are? We’re here to help with a few ideas!

Let’s get started.

Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

Huge TV – 40 inch or bigger

If you are watching your favorite sports team and relaxing with your buds, there’s nothing better than a HUGE screen. In this case, the bigger the TV the better your experience will be. You will have your friends flocking over to your man cave all the time to enjoy the game in high-definition with you.

Compromise on other things but don’t compromise on having a huge TV in your man cave! You can enjoy a great cinematic experience with your friends and create great memories.

Sound System

Having a great sound system will help put your huge TV to perfect use. You can jam out to your favorite songs or you can watch a game full blast with great sound. Any movie, song, or game will naturally be enhanced with an excellent sound system.


The snazzier your bar, the better your man cave will feel. A bar gives a feel of sophistication and class to your man cave, even if your man cave is a part of your garage. It’s also an excellent place to try your hand at cocktails and exotic drinks. Your friends will have an excellent time, and having a bar perfectly complements your TV and great surround system so you can enjoy your space without having to run into the house all the time.


This should go without saying. You’re gonna need a place to store your beers right? Even if you don’t have a bar, just having a mini-fridge is essential, and is going to go a long way.


Not every man enjoys sports or TV, but everyone enjoys relaxing on a nice high-quality recliner. You can use it to relax at the end of your day, you can use it when working and taking client calls, you can even sleep on it sometimes without worrying about waking up with a stiff neck.

Recliners will help you or your guests relax and be totally comfortable. Having built-in holders for cups in your recliners will help you make the best use of your bar too! See how it all fits together?

Garage Stuff for Guys

In addition to the above essential man cave accessories, you can also checkout the below gear that you can equip your garage with so that your man cave will be more in sync with your inner self.

If you are a car enthusiast then having a car on a pedestal is an excellent twist you can give to your garage. You can try the MaxJax lift which is manufactured by Dannmar. It has two posts that go on either side of your car and jack it up in the air when you need to maintain your car, change your oil, or even when you just want to impress your friends.

If you love technology then you can get a smart TV. Samsung has a TV that responds to you. It will recognize your face and respond to your gestures. You can control the TV with your voice.

If you love games then you can use your man cave to connect with your Xbox. You can get the Kinect for XBox which will help you play games like shooting games, racing games, or other games.

If you love beer then you can have your own beer tap. There is nothing like coming to your man cave at the end of a long and tiring day and taking a frosty mug out of the freezer and pouring the suds into it. The Kegerator will allow you to store sixth-sized kegs and you can choose from two options like porter or pilsner, full-cal or light, or any other combination you choose.

If you love tools, then you can set up a magnetized panel of steel so that you can arrange and show off your collection of tools. You get two benefits out of this. It makes your man cave look manly and you also get to store your tools.

How to Turn My Garage into a Man Cave You Ask?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are working on converting your garage into your man cave. The main ones are the floor and the walls.

You need to seal off and refinish your concrete slab. This will protect the floor and will also give your garage a great look which is polished and clean. You can opt for paint, epoxy, or tiles (we have an article on garage flooring!). If you don’t want to spend money on any of that, you can add a few rugs or carpets to your floor and get a great effect.

The work that you will need to do on the walls of your garage will depend on a lot of factors like how insulated your garage is, if it’s attached to your house, etc. The best way to insulate your garage, if it’s not already insulated, is to add some insulation between any wall studs. You can then seal up the space with drywall. Make sure that you keep a note of where the studs are so that you can hang things later on it. Either that, or use a handy stud finder. From there, you may want to consider some kick ass wall organization options (we have an article on wall track systems you may want to check out).

Half Garage Half Man Cave

If your garage is small and if you have many cars and need the space for your vehicles, you have the option of dividing your garage into two parts. You can use the option of a half garage and half man cave.

You need to make sure that your man cave is not near the entrance of the garage of course. Also, try to have a partition so that you will have properly assigned spaces.

Now that you have some great tips on how to create your man cave, go forth and build the best man cave you can! And if you do, we’d love to know about it. Comment below if you have a man cave you’d like to show off!

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