How to Fix Crack In Garage Floor

How to Fix Crack In Garage Floor

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Today’s topic: How to Fix Crack In Garage Floor

Garage floor will have cracks no matter how careful you are when you pour the concrete. There are many reasons due to which these cracks appear.

The most common reason for the cracks to appear on your garage floor is that the temperature changes in the base material when your garage is unheated. This mostly happens during the thawing and freezing cycles of the months of winter.

Another reason for cracks on the floor of your garage is an improperly placed expansion joint.

This is easily repaired by injecting silica sand and a compound for floor crack repair into the garage floor crack. This ensures that the surface of your garage floor is smooth again.

How to do it?

1. Cut small grooves on both sides of the concrete that is cracked

You can use a diamond blade on a circular saw and cut half inch grooves on both sides of the cracks.
Fill the grooves and the crack with a polymer-modified cement. You can use Quikrete concrete resurfacer.

2. Remove the cracked concrete

You then need to chip out the portion of the concrete that is cracked. You can do so with a cold chisel and a maul. Make sure you do it slowly and carefully as small chips can hurt you while you are working on it. You can then slowly remove the chipped pieces. Vacuum the area thoroughly. Then use your power washer to clean the concrete well. This will give you a fresh surface which will make it easier for the compound to bond on.

3. Fill in the crack in the concrete opening

You now need to add the latex modifier to the concrete mix. Then you should pack it into the channel. Make sure that you fill it to half an inch of the original height. Let it stay for about 72 hours and then fill it with the resurfacer. The Resurfacer should have a solid base of the concrete you made earlier. This will give the resurfacer more strength and it will be stronger.

4. Add the resurfacer to the slab

You now need to pour the concrete resurfacing mixture evenly into the crack. Make sure that you smooth it out. You can do so by using a rubber floor squeegee. Make sure that you feather the edges of the slab to make it look professional.

You need to add water to the mix so that you get the right consistency. The consistency should be that of pancake batter. Just fill the groove and smooth it.

You can also check an excellent video on Youtube on how to fix a crack in your garage floor below:

Are Cracks In Garage Floor Normal?

It is very normal for the garage floor to have cracks in them. You will see cracks in most garage floors. Unless there is a structural defect in the floor, there is no need to worry about the cracks. You can fix the cracks easily if you like. The two main reasons why a garage floor cracks are if the concrete shrinks as it settles on the ground under the slab and if one side is raised above the other (uneven slabs).

Some cracks will be due to both these reasons. An issue may arise if the cracks continue to widen over time. Even if that happens, you can use the tips above on how to fix cracks in the garage floor or the tips below on how to fix an uneven floor.

Don’t worry if you see cracks in your garage floor or on the floor of a place you plan to buy. You can easily rectify the issue.

How To Fix Uneven Concrete Slab

You should always ensure that any uneven concrete slab on the floor of your garage is immediately repaired. This is to make sure that your garage is safe. It also adds to the comfort and safety of your garage. It is also important if you are planning to lay down tiles or any other flooring material in your garage.

It is very easy to level an uneven concrete slab. You can buy concrete leveling compounds that are available at home improvement retailers or on Amazon. You can use them to level the floor. You just need to put the compound on top of the concrete and you can then work on the low points so that the concrete slab gets even.

  • Step 1:
    Make sure that the concrete area is clean before you start to work on it. Make sure that you sweep it thoroughly with a broom. You can even use a garden hose and a pressure washer to make sure that the concrete slab is perfectly clean. The pressure washer can also help in removing dirt that has hardened. If you are using water to clean the slab then wait for an hour for the slab to dry.
  • Step 2:
    Next, you can pour half a gallon of latex primer on a paint tray. You then need to soak a clean brush roller in the primer. Apply a coating on the slab. Let it dry overnight.
  • Step 3:
    Check the slab for low or uneven parts which you need to repair. If the unevenness if only on a small part, you don’t need to waste your money in pouring primer on the whole slab. You can place a 2 by 4 board on the concrete and repair only the area that is not flat.
  • Step 4:
    Next, you need to pour the leveling compound in a bucket. Make sure that you add water as per the specifications and then mix the content. Use a mixing stick to mix the content. Keep mixing until all the lumps go away.
  • Step 5:
    You then can apply a coat of the compound to the uneven part of the concrete slab. You can remove the unevenness with a trowel. You need to work fast as the compound will dry fast once it is mixed with water. Make sure that the area that you have worked on is dry for a minimum of 24 hours before you use it again.

Please note: This guide is no substitute for a consultation with a concrete professional. It is only intended as a guide for those who already know this is the proper course of action for them, and to generally provide some ideas for consideration. Always consult with your local professional first!

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