best lawn mowers for small yards

Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

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Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by bluefuze

While small yards can be easy to take care of, using a lawn mower with one might be a challenge. Imagine trying to work your way between furniture and corners. For this reason, we suggest that you start looking for the best lawn mowers for small yards. They can help make this tiresome chore a piece of cake.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll recommend our top 3 lawn mowers for small to medium-sized yards. We’ll explore their features and help you pick the perfect match for your needs.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Our Top 3 Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

After taking a look at all the options on the market, we’ve put together this brief list of lawn mowers. Hopefully, you’ll come to find what you’ve been looking for.

Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower – Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower for Small Yards

Our first pick is this nice, compact lawn mower by Black + Decker. Because of its budget-friendly price and its cool features, it’s been rated Amazon’s Choice.

For starters, this corded mower comes with a 3-in-1 option. You can switch from mower to edger, to trimmer with ease and efficiency to better take care of your yard.

Not to mention that its performance can be pretty fascinating. With its 6.5-amp motor and solid, sharp blades, it can cut through the toughest weeds with minimum effort on your part.

In addition to all this, the Automatic Feed Spool feature should keep you from having to stop to adjust the pool when it hits a bump. This means less time spent law mowing your yard.

Last but not least, we like that it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and store. Also, you can control its height and handle position to match your needs.

All in all, this mower can be a great combination of price and value according to the majority of users. They commented that it was easy to use, versatile, and perfect for small yards.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • You can convert it into a trimmer and an edger
  • 6.5-amp motor
  • Powerful blades
  • Adjustable height and handle
  • Includes AFS feature
  • Affordable price
  • Some people reported that the trimmer came off while mowing the lawn
  • The machine might become hot after a long while of use

GreenWorks Electric Corded Lawn Mower – Best Electric Lawn Mower for Small Yards

Next on our list is this GreenWorks mower that offers great features at a mid-range price. While it might cost you more than the previous one, it can be worth it.

We’ll start by saying that this lawn mower comes with a 12-amp motor to trim all those hard weeds and overgrown grass with ease. Its 20-inch deck is made of sturdy steel, so you can count on its longevity.

You can also adjust it to cut a wide range of grass heights. With its 7-position height control, it should be able to trim from 1 ½ to 3 ¾ inches effectively.

As if all of this isn’t enough to impress anybody, you’d be delighted to know that there’s a 4-year warranty on the tools. Thus, you can rest assured that your investment in this lawn mower is well-placed.

A lot of users loved that it was efficient and easy to use. In fact, many commented on how simple it was to start, unlike other lawn mowers. All you need to do is push the power button.

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful 12-amp motor
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • Durable deck
  • 4-year warranty on tools
  • Moderately-priced
  • The grass can clog the motor after use

Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower – Best Lawn Mower for Medium Yards

Now, if your yard is more on the medium side, then this mower can help you keep it in the best shape. Our final product is this impressive and sturdy lawn mower by Sun Joe.

First, we love that it’s cordless. It should keep you from worrying about being tangled up in its cord while mowing the lawn. Thus, your experience should remain incident-free and less time-consuming.

Second, its ion-lithium battery recharges pretty quickly and offers you about 40 minutes of runtime. Therefore, this machine doesn’t work with gas, emitting zero amounts of carbon into the air. Talk about being eco-friendly!

Its powerful motor and compact design make it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized yards. Not to mention that it doesn’t produce much noise, so you shouldn’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors.

Lastly, we like that it has 6 levels of height adjustment and is easy to start with a push of a button.

  • Cordless
  • Fast recharging
  • No harmful gas emissions
  • Easy to start, use, and store
  • Minimum noise
  • 6-position height adjustment
  • On the expensive side
  • The bag might be too small for the mower’s size

Things to Look for in a Lawn Mower for Small Yards

To help you make your pick, we’ve put together a list of factors that you should consider before buying a lawn mower.

  • If it’s with a power cord or cordless
  • Its cutting width
  • Its height adjustment options
  • Its weight
  • How big your yard is
  • Your budget

You can look for additional aspects such as the lawn mower’s ability to be converted into a trimmer or an edger. These options can be great if you’re searching for the best way to invest your money.

To Conclude

Lawn mowing tiny yards can be tasking, we get it. However, once you buy the best lawn mower for small yards, your work might become much easier to handle.

Out of our list, we admire the GreenWorks Electric Corded Lawn Mower the most. You might come to like it, too, for its incredible features.

It’s equipped with a mighty motor, offers top-notch performance, and has a cutting width of 20 inches. Not to mention that its tools come with a 4-year warranty. It can smoothly represent a good deal on the price.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, we suggest that you go for the Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower.

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